Remote- Helen 07/14/12

Tonight we are anchored out in a remote creek off of South River about 2 hours from our dock in Oriental.  We are here because Bryce is evermindfull of the potential for a class III or greater hurricane to hit this area.  That is, a hurricane that will essentially cover all of Pamlico County.  In Irene last year the storm surge was 11 feet and water nearly covered the pilings where our boat was tied up in what is considered a good “hurricane hole”, Pecan Grove Marina.  So a class III hurricane would cover the pilings and the boat could get holed on one when the storm surge abated.  The boat could also just float away and be holed on any number of objects or wind up many feet inland and damaged.  So today we are coming up with Plan B- anchor the boat out where few boats will be and hope she rides out the highs and lows of water in “the big one”. 

This afternoon and this evening we took the dinghy out and looked for a road where I can meet Bryce and take him inland.  The nautical chart showed a road not far from here where we could anchor our dinghy but we could not see sit from the water.  So next weekend we will take the car, a county map, and a GPS and see if we can find that road. 

In the meantime we are enjoying being in this remote area with no boats, running A/C on our generator, and eating a lovely meal in the pilothouse and watching a Netflix on the tube.  Pretty neat!


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