Happy Hot Fourth! Helen 07/04/12

It’s hot here!  Like 97 degrees!  I have to admit that we stayed in the air conditioning downstairs on the boat most of the day.  We left at lunchtime to eat on the deck at Hooters in Waterside Mall but then we returned to the A/C and promptly took a long nap.  An hour ago we tried to see what was happening at the park along the river-there is supposed to be military bands playing and food vendors- but we were turned away by the security people because we had a dog (yes, vicious Suzy in her cute red nautical dress riding in her stroller).  It’s too hot for me to care.  We walked down the opposite direction to get some circulation in the legs, just enough to work up a sweat, and then back to the boat.  Tonight we will see the fireworks from our boat deck, then go to bed.  The captain says we need to leave here very early; we need to get some bridges opened before rush hour traffic makes them stationary for two hours.  We would also like to be in a dock with our A/C going full blast before the worst of the afternoon heat.

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