Re-visiting Old Memories- Helen 07/03/12

This morning bright and early we took the Elizabeth River ferry to Portsmouth on the opposite side of the river.  All of our trips to the Chesapeake over the years have had visits to Portsmouth.  This city has a very different feel than Norfolk.  There is a naval hospital here and a naval museum.  Many of the homes are on the historic registry and in those areas streets are still cobblestone and street lamps are gas.  When our daughter was younger we would always take her to the Children’s Museum.  We celebrated my 50th birthday here with our whole family at a European restaurant.  Many years we came here in early June for the Harborfest and Seawall Festivals that ran concurrrently between both cities.  There were stages where music was playing near the waterfront and little booths where food and drink could be purchased.  Much of Portsmouth is still the way we remembered it although some shops have closed and others have sprung up–to be expected.

After a couple of hours wandering around and reminissing we took the ferry back to Norfolk and went on our own tour of the Freemason Historic District.  Again we witnessed well preserved older houses down brick streets.  It would not be hard to imagine a horse-drawn carriage coming up the street with ladies and gentlemen in clothing of the 1800’s.  By this time we were tired, sweaty and thirsty.  So we walked back to Waterside and ordered  lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack–shrimp and cold, cold beer!  Suzy loved the morning ride in her stroller wearing her pink sundress!

Helen   07/03/12

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