Anticipation- Helen 06/23/12

Next Friday morning bright and early we plan to take off for Norfolk, Virginia.  This is a trip of nostalgia.  We did this very trip in 1989 with our O’Day 272 when our daughter was a toddler.  It was our first venture out of NC with a boat and our first long cruise.  It opened the door to longer summer cruises, some to spots farther north in the Chesapeake and others farther south to Charleston, SC and spots in between.  But we always played it safe with our little boat and young family and took the ICW.  Now we are contemplating going off-shore with this blue water craft.  Of course, everything still hinges on the weather.  It looks like a potential tropical storm is forming in the gulf and may be on our doorstep sometime next week.  That could put a big wrinkle in our plans.  But I am just excited about the possibility of maybe going off-shore.  Bryce is carefully putting way-points into our GPS tonight- just in case we do it!  I am thinking about night-time watches and looking out at the stars.  We will keep you posted….

Helen   06/23/12

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