Weekend at the Beach- Helen 06/18/12

This past weekend we had family down to the coast for a beach day.  Saturday bright and early we left our dock in Oriental and crossed the Neuse River.  We motored the boat through the Intercoastal Waterway, which is really very narrow, to Beaufort where we took a dock for the night.  Then we took the dinghy down from the davits and proceeded to load it up with chairs, beach umbrellas, and coolers of food and drink.  Yes, we even had some room for six humans and little Suzy dog.  Then we were off to Carrot Island on the other side of Taylor’s Creek.

Carrot and Bird Shoal Islands are part of the Rachel Carson Wildlife Preserve.  Both islands have lots of native birds and also wild horses that roam freely.  We had the opportunity to see several horses early morning down on the beach and we were able to get up fairly close (10 feet) to a stallion at a watering hole in the interior of the island.

The humans did what most humans do at the beach: get wet, snooze, watch the boats, and eat.  Suzy probably had more fun than the humans.  She got to dig in the sand, sniff all those unusual smells, see fiddler crabs, and go for long walks along the beach.  We all got splashed in the dinghy as Bryce navigated other boats wakes.  What fun for all!

Helen   06/18/12

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