Almost Back to Normal–Helen 06/09/12

It has been almost two weeks since Suzy, our four pound Yorkie, got attacked by a black lab on Ocracoke Island.  Once again we are a sailing family on Dragon Lady.  You would never know the extent of her injuries just by looking at her.  She has 3 long scars on her back that are beginning to heal, but her cute little dresses cover the injuries.  Suzy’s personality has not changed any; she is just as sweet and sassy as ever.  Last night she had a “play date” with three other tiny dogs and she participated in all the antics, running around and trying to get a little friend to play chase.  It really felt good to us “parents” to see that she continues to enjoy life.  However, large and medium size dogs make her cower and cringe with fear, as witnessed on the dock yesterday when approached by a bigger dog while riding in her stroller.  So her innocence has been lost but at least her spunky spirit is preserved.

Helen    06/09/12

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One Response to Almost Back to Normal–Helen 06/09/12

  1. Jenny June 15, 2012 at 10:42 pm #

    Good Lord Helen!

    I am just now reading about poor Suzy! I have to admit, I’m happy to be reading this now when I have the ability to see a happy ending. Thank goodness! What a sweet, strong little girl she is! And what a BRAVE momma she had, grabbing her out of the jaws of the lab. No WONDER they call you Dragon Lady! 🙂

    Give that sweet girl a HUGE kiss from Jenny, her former sailing/fashion buddy.

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