Home at Last–Helen 06/01/12

Yesterday was pretty tiring and emotional.  I left Cary at 11:30 and picked up Suzy at the vet in Manteo at 3:15.  She looks like the Bride of Frankenstein with at least 30 staples on three incisions in her back.  Her hair is shaved around the middle and the rest of her coat is matted.  Thank heaven she wears clothes every day!  I bought her six new summer dresses to cover up her boo-boos.  But she is home on the boat with me today and it is wonderful!

Yesterday we left Manteo around 3:45 and wended our way through the rural eastern part of our state all the way to Oriental.  I could not have done it without a GPS!  We got here about 6:30 and went to the Trawl Door for supper.  Suzy was starved!  She sat on my lap and devoured some cheese and chicken breast–so much better than the baby food they were giving her at the hospital!  Suzy was pretty excited when her daddy arrived at 9:30 and everyone crashed by 10:00.  I slept well with my hand on her head all night long.  It is amazing how we love so strongly across species.  Today we are just going to take it easy and get some much needed rest.

Helen    06/01/12

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