Good News– Helen 05/29/12

I had trouble getting up with the vet today.  I called twice and was getting very worried.  So at 4:00 I told Bryce to do his doctor thing (“Dr. Kaye would like to speak with Dr. Grossman”)  and he got right to the vet.   Suzy is eating baby food three times a day, drinking water, and looks happy.  The vet said she “didn’t look sick” which is the best news!  I can pick her up Thursday afternoon.  I was warned that she has lots of staples in her skin and they have to come out in ten days.  We can handle that!  I suspect she is shaved and will be sporting a crew cut for the summer–but we will remedy that with some cute summer frocks!

Thank you for all your prayers!  It really works!

Helen   05/29/12

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