The Kindness of Strangers –Helen 05/28/12

Yesterday afternoon Suzy, our 4 pound Yorkie, was severely mauled by a large black lab while I was walking her on Ocracoke Island.  The dog flew out from nowhere and picked Suzy up like a toy and proceeded to shake her.  I got bit while grabbing her out of the dog’s jaws.  I had to run about a quarter mile to find Bryce.  The EMS and sheriff came and directed us to the Health Clinic on the island.  There are no vets on Ocracoke, and in fact, very few vet practices anywhere on the outter banks.  The nearest one was three hours away by car–but we had no car–we were on a sailboat.

The MD at the health center washed my minor scratch, gave me a tetnus shot and an antibiotic.  She then talked to the emergency vet in Cary and looked at Suzy’s wounds and gave her subcutaneous fluids, per our vet.  Then she gave me the name and number of her vet who does emergency medicine in Manteo (closest vet practice), drove us to our dinghy, and talked to a local who rents 4X4 vehicles for the beach.  The fellow lent us a vehicle (would not accept any money) and we left at 5:00 for the Hattaras ferry at the other end of the island.  45 minutes later we were on Hattaras and I was talking to the vet and getting directions to his clinic.  Of course, the entire time I am also praying that Suzy would not die in my lap.  By 8:20 we arrived at the vets and I knew she was in good hands.  This was an older gentleman who I could tell had seen lots of dogs in distress.

Suzy had what looked like a large hemitoma on her side and then several other puncture wounds.  We had to leave her and he did surgery immediately.  What seemed like a hemitoma was really her spleen and liver that had protruded through the large tear in her muscle on her side.  Heart, lungs and stomach were spared.  As we drove back to the ferry to return to Ocracoke the vet called and said that Suzy was awake and alert.  Her internal organs are bruised, she lost a lot of blood, and today she has an IV and does not want to eat.  But she is alive and I have to trust that she will get better so I can bring her home.

Yesterday we met three strangers who through their kindness kept my little dog alive.  I cannot thank them enough.  Sometimes you just have to belive that there are still a lot of good people in our world.

I will blog daily to keep you up-dated about Suzy’s progress…and thank you for your prayers!

Helen   05/28/12

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