Loving Ocracoke- Helen 05/26/12

Well here we are on Ocracoke Island with no agenda.  What to do…this morning we went to the Ocracoke Coffee Company for a brew and some time to get better wi-fi for the laptop.  Then we wandered into some shops to see what was new this year and to get some gifts for the grandkids birthdays.  Did I say that we are on anchor in the middle of Silver Lake and to get to shore we have to take our dinghy? What fun except that the Yamaha outboard keeps dying on us…I think Bryce fed it too much oil in the gasoline…lots of blue smoke.

For lunch I packed a picnic and we walked to Springer’sPoint beach…I would have preferred to ride there in the dinghy but Bryce was afraid that the outboard would die on the way.   Anyway, we had a lovely lunch of hummus, crackers, fresh veggies, mango and white wine–and some goat cheese for Suzy.  Yes, Suzy likes to eat with her “pack” and she prefers “people food” when mom will allow it.  We tried to get Suzy to swim at the beach (since she was covered with sand from digging holes), but she didn’t seem to like it.  Maybe we will try another day.

After our beach picnic we took a long afternoon nap on the boat.  The wind has been blowing 2o knots and with all the hatches open and the windows it was lovely to lie in our big bed and enjoy the breezes.  Such a nice nap.

This evening we sat in the cockpit and enjoyed stuffed peppers and sauteed mushrooms with a green salad and more white wine while we listened to the live music from the Jolly Roger restaurant on shore.  The sun was beginning to set; the ferries were coming in; and the conversation was good.  What more could anyone want on a beautiful Love Odyssey?

Helen   05/26/12

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