Our Own Love Odyssey- Helen 05/25/12

We rarely take vacations even though we come here to the coast every Thursday evening.  Generally we stay in Oriental and Bryce works a day in New Bern.  But sometimes you just need to get away and have some fun.  We had planned to take four days of this holiday weekend and sail to Cape Lookout.  In fact we haven’t been to the Cape in two years.  We were so psyched to go!  But last night on the local news station the weather forecaster predicted a tropical depression/storm that should affect our coast on Saturday.  Last night as we went to bed we were uncertain where we would be heading today.

This morning the predictions did not look good so we decided to play it safe and sail to Ocracoke, which is more protected than Cape Lookout.  We left about six and as we neared the channel into Ocracoke about 11:00 we could see a couple of sailboats ahead of us.  Darn!  The catamaran about a mile ahead got the last slip at the Park Service docks.  So we decided to go with plan B and anchor in Silver Lake.  We have a large Super Max anchor that is especially good for holding in mud and we dropped that and set the hook by backing down on it.  We are not going anywhere in a squall!

Next we took the dinghy down from the davits and launched her.  Suzy was impatient to get to shore and see the sights!  she loves riding in the dinghy with her life jacket on.  But our newly serviced Yamaha outboard engine that performed so well last Friday in Beaufort did not want to run.  It sputtered and died many times on the way to shore.  This did not put my hubby in a good mood!  But finally we were able to dock up and go to the Jolly Roger for lunch.  After a couple of brews and some black bean quesadillas we were much happier!  The dinghy ride back to the boat was not as bad, but the engine still seems a bit off.  We headed for our comfy bed and a long afternoon nap…now everyone is in a better mood for this odyssey! (by the way, we cannot get out on our cell phones…seems Verizon has a problem on the island.)

Helen   05/25/12

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