Here Comes the Sun–Helen 05/19/12

This morning we left Beaufort under overcast skies  and blustry conditions but by the time we were in the ICW the sun began to peek out.  Of course the very last day of our Odyssey cruise the weather conditions improved!  We arrived back in Oriental at noon and took our boat back to her slip in Pecan Grove Marina.  It seemed like we had been gone more than just a week.  So much has been accomplished with our Odyssey couple and I feel we have given them a path and hope for a better relationship.

Bryce and I are still processing the past week and looking at what we did with our couple. Every relationship is different and there is no “cook book” formula that works with everyone.  Sometimes we have to come up with solutions “on the fly” but that just makes us more astute.

So now we wish our Odyssey couple good luck in their future relationship and Bryce and I look forward to our future couples.  Will you and your partner be one of them?

Helen   05/19/12

For information about Helen and Bryce’s Love Odyssey marriage retreats visit  where the strategy behind these couples retreats  is described in detail.

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