The Rain Keeps Coming–Helen 05/18/12

I guess our boat is the ark and so where are the animals?  I feel like the rain never stops–today we had not even a patch  of blue sky or sunshine for even a minute.  Our Odyssey couple have had to run between the rain drops to navigate Beaufort.  We are happy about the outcome of the Odyssey cruise but I’m afraid our couple (who are from out of state) will remember North Carolina as a sloppy, wet state.  We had to cancel our trip with our couple to Cape Lookout and to Bird Shoal island.  But at least they got lots of help with their individual issues and they are on a positive path to a better relationship.

Tomorrow morning we head back to Oriental where we began this Odyssey–having come a full circle both in the trip and in the voyage of marital intimacy.  Bryce and I are tired but happy to have helped another couple with their relationship issues.

Helen   05/18/12

For information about Helen and Bryce’s Love Odyssey marriage retreats visit  where the strategy behind these couples retreats  is described in detail.


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