Storms to the Left, Storms to the Right–Helen 05/16/12

We left Ocracoke at 6 a.m. under cloudy skies heading for Beaufort.  We figured we would arrive about 4 o’clock.  There was some wind early morning and we put up two sails, but after an hour we had to turn into the wind and the sails had to come down.  In the meantime we were watching the weather radar and we could see thunder storms building down near Wilmington and heading in our direction.  By mid-morning the sky behind us got dark and we heard thunder in the distance.  On and off most of the morning we were threatened by those clouds but our luck held out and we stayed dry.  At three o’clock we were ready to dock up at Beaufort Town Docks but it looked like a race with a storm system–once again we lucked out.  In fact, it let us have a beer and chips at the Dock House at 5:00 and even a 20-minute walk to a corner store for more bottles of water.  Now at 7:00 the rain gods are celebrating their victory with a loud thunder storm while we sit cozy in our boat and read.

Helen   05/16/12

For information about Helen and Bryce’s Love Odyssey marriage retreats go to where the strategy behind the couples retreats is described in detail.


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