Storms- Helen 05/14/12

We usually leave Ocracoke after two days but the weather radar is predicting thunderstorms and blustery winds for the next couple of days, so we are holing up here.  Our Odyssey couple is enjoying discovering the island and they are relieved that they have more time to play when not working on their relationship.

I am falling in love again with my husband–what a great therapist he is!  He is so perceptive  about what is going on under the surface- and I feel blessed to be able to be his co-therapist.  I guess along the way of living with Bryce for 30 years I have learned a few things because my thinking about what is going on in our couple’s relationship is right on track with that of my husband.  Pretty awesome!

Helen   05.14.12

For information about Helen and Bryce’s Love Odyssey marriage retreats visit  where the strategy behind these couples retreats  is described in detail.

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