Almost Ready- Helen 05/05/12

We are excited about our first Love Odyssey cruise of the year that we will start next weekend.  We have been fixing things, cleaning, and making sure all systems are working well.  Our back-up outboard engine, a small Johnson, gave us fits yesterday when it would not start.  Bryce changed the spark plug and got fresh gas, but it still refused to start.  So that engine also went off to the repair shop.  Last weekend the Yahama 15 horse also was sent off for repairs.  We have crossed our fingers and are hoping that we will get one of them back before next Saturday.

I have been cleaning everything in sight.  It’s amazing how a boat seems to get dirtier than our house in Cary;  at home I dust once a month; here I dust every weekend.  Maybe it is because the pollen is still pretty bad and the boat is open a lot more than the windows in our house.

Tomorrow Bryce and I are planning to re-bed a window in the aft stateroom.  Yesterday I noticed some mildew growing on some of Bryce’s hat which were stored below the window and some discoloration in the wood under the window.  Over time the caulk gets hard and brittle and moisture forces its way inside.  We are getting to be old hands at this now.  We have re-bedded most of the pilot-house windows over the past few years.  And so it goes…  we just hope this is the last project before our cruise!

Helen  05/05/12

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