Getting Ready for an Odyssey–Helen 04/28/12

We have our first odyssey of the year scheduled for two weeks from today.  We are excited!  We need to make sure that all systems are “go”.  Yesterday we tried  out the dinghy and found out that our Yamaha outboard engine was sputtering and dying.  Bryce tried swapping in some new spark plugs but that did not fix the problem.  So off to the outboard repair center and hope we get it back in time.  This is the problem with boats.  There is always something that is breaking down or about to break down.  I don’t think there have been many days where every system has worked perfectly!

Tomorrow we need to take the big boat out of the slip and fill her up with diesel.  It would be fun to just go off for a quick sail down the river, but we need to do more work like check out our sails.  Today I have been cleaning out lockers and re-organizing stuff.  Somehow things get messy over the winter and then they get hard to find.  Meanwhile Bryce is at his New Bern office seeing clients.  I love having the boat all to myself all day–it’s quiet and I get to do whatever I want whenever I want–yeah!

Helen   04/28/12

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