Another Year–Helen 04/07/12

Today is Bryce’s birthday!  Happy birthday, my captain!  Another year has passed and we will celebrate tonight with champagne and birthday cake.  As we get older birthdays are bitter sweet.  We start to wonder how many more birthdays we have left.  It’s obvious that after the age of fifty you will have already lived at least half of your life.  You start to examine whether you have met the majority of your life’s goals.

I think I can speak for Bryce by saying that Love Odyssey cruises are near the top of our list for remaining goals for the next phase of our lives.  It was heartening last night to get a call from a couple interested in booking a May cruise.  We would love to do one cruise a month through Oct. or November.  This combines our mutual passion for sailing and working with people on a happiness trajectory.  I know that Bryce’s other major goal is to complete his second book, of which he has five chapters already on-line.  Personally, I think he has a few more books in his head, but I guess time will tell…

Anyways, Bryce I lift my glass in a toast to you…to many more birthdays!!  and much happiness!!

With all my love,


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