Getting the Chores Done–03/24/12

I hate living up on the hard–not only do I have to climb a twelve-foot ladder several times a day, but the dust and dirt is everywhere.  The boat yard is gravel, which creates its one kind of dust, and then there is the yellow pine pollen which has enveloped everything.  So I close up the boat whenever we are outside for any time, but go below and it is hot!  This weekend we had the choice of opening all the hatches to let in fresh air (and dust and pollen) or close everything and sweat.  No good choices there.  So Bryce and I are very motivated to finish this project.

Last weekend we thought we were close to the finish line when we painted the bottom of the boat.  But oh no!  After the paint had dried we noticed we had many small bottom blisters in the gel coat.  So yesterday Bryce drilled them out, applied epoxy, and let that harden overnight.  He also put caulk between our rub-rail and the white hull.  That was a back-breaking job on a ladder.  This morning Bryce sanded the hardened epoxy and I painted 2 coats of bottom paint over it.  But oh no!  Now we saw more blisters that did not show up yesterday.  Fortunately they are shallow and only on the rudder, so I guess we could stay in the yard for a few more weeks and work on these–but I am sick of being here.

It just started to rain and I had to close every hatch and it is stiffling–NO!  Next Friday we are going to take this boat back to our slip at Pecan Grove Marina and turn on the air conditioning!!

Helen   03/24/12

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