Sand and Scrape–03/17/12

My right arm is getting pretty tired.  Yesterday I scraped and scraped the bottom of Dragon Lady.  Today I did another hour of scraping and finally I laid down my tool.  Now Bryce is sanding.  You can hear the sander all over the boat yard.  He is dressed in a painter’s outfit that covers him literally from head to toe and he is wearing a respirator.  This is a pretty dirty job!  As if the sanding doesn’t make enough of a mess, the yellow pine pollen is falling everywhere.  Last night I briefly considered sitting out on the deck to have a glass of wine–the temperature was perfect–but the pollen all over the deck was an immediate turn-off.

Today the sky is bright blue, the temperature is about 70 degrees, and the humidity is low.  At least the weather has cooperated to make our work easier.  Suzy and I just went for a walk around the block–to get away briefly from the noise of the sander and the reminders from the boat yard that our work is not done.  We figure that if we get this wonderful weather next weekend, we could conceivably finish  by Saturday evening and splash the boat the following weekend.  I really hope so–I’m tired of living up on the hard and down in the mess!

Helen   03/17/12

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