Work, Work, Work 03/10/12

Yesterday morning we hauled out Dragon Lady in the middle of the rain.  First of all, we hit two bumps going out of the Pecan Grove channel–not a good sign–and then we got good and stuck in the channel to Whitaker Creek.  Bryce kept trying to get us “un-stuck” and finally we called Tow Boat to pull us out–and of course, as we saw their boat heading toward us, we got lucky and got free.  So we got hauled out and now we are living “up on the hard” for a month.

In spite of the rain yesterday we washed our hull and got off two years of stains and dirt.  We had to use several products to get it all off, but now she looks clean and white.  Today we have been putting a silicon polish on that white hull.  We put it on with a rag, wait until it gets dry and hazy, the take it off with a terry towel.  Today we did this twice and tomorrow we plan to put at least one more coat of polish on before leaving for home.  Whenever I have a few spare minutes I have also been chipping off loose bottom paint.  After the hull dries for a week it should come off easier; that is our project for next weekend.

We got an estimate from the boat yard about the cost of sanding the bottom, the job I hate the most since it is so dirty.  Seems like the cost will be out of our price range, so I guess next weekend we will also be sanding.  Work, work, work….


Helen     03/10/12

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