A Key West Christmas

Here we are in Key West, celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary and Christmas. The temperature is in the low 80’s, there are decorations on palm trees, and everyone is wearing shorts and sandals. It sure is not your proverbial “white Christmas”! We got here yesterday morning and since our room at the hotel was not ready yet, we walked around the island taking in the ambience of the area. Suzy, our 3 pound Yorkie, rode in her stroller. Of course Suzy is not your typical “dog”; she wears clothes every day, has her own car seat and stroller, and eats some of the food on my plate (in addition to dog food). She is cute as a button and everyone we passed as we walked around the island remarked about her. People we met yesterday greeted her today by name. She has become a Key West mini-celebrity!

 Last night we celebrated our anniversary and Christmas Eve by eating at an up-scale seafood restaurant called Seven Fish. The banana chicken was wonderful and the key lime cheesecake was also outstanding. We found out that a lot of restaurants that have outside eating areas are “dog friendly” and allow pouches under 75 pounds. So Suzy has been going to most meals with us and sharing some of what we eat.

Bryce and I like to explore together and there is so much to see and do here. This is probably our fourth time here and some of the stores have changed hands over the years. We have also gotten some of Key West mixed up with New Orleans, another favorite place we like to visit. So we have been having fun exploring. Tonight we walked back to our hotel and took pictures of some of the decorative Christmas lights.


We also like eating ethnic foods and there is much of that here. Cuban, Mexican, Jamaican, soul food, Chinese, Sushi, are just a few that we have seen. Bryce is hankering for some ox tail stew; yesterday we had conch fritters and fish bites; today we had pork ribs and black bean soup, as well as Cuban coffee. Yes, we are having fun! What a great way to celebrate!

Helen 12/25/11

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