A Magical Evening

Last night was a special Christmas party on the dock that had magical feeling about it.  We decked the boat with lights as did our friends Jim and Kaye on the boat next to ours.  We put speakers on deck and played classical Christmas Pops with chorus and instrumentals.  Brass lanterns were put aflame on both boats.  A big pot of Chili was slow cooked and numerous dips, cheeses, fondue and other goodies were placed above deck and below.

 The real action occurred on the dock as Bryce burned sugar with brandy into a big pot of steaming Glogg.  Glogg is the Swedish word for “burnt” because the smoky burned flavor gives the hot spicy drink a most wonderful character.

 Of course the best of all was having good friends to share in the good times.  Even Suzy had her good friends Sammy and Sophie come to visit.  They kept each other warm in the little enclosed carriage they shared above deck.  Geoff came with his flask of Aquivit that is just about impossible to obtain in North Carolina.  He “assisted” Bryce with it as Bryce labored over the Glogg.

 All in all this party had a wonderful magical feel to it.  Maybe we should make it a tradition.

 Here’s the recipe for Glogg if anyone out there feels adventurous:



½ Gal. Vodka

½ Gal. Burgundy

½ Gal. Claret (or Pinot Noir)

One fifth of port wine

One fifth sweet vermouth



Couple large packs raisins

Large bag of slivered almonds



1 orange rind (scrape white material off of rind first)

3 large cinnamon sticks

30 whole cloves

Crushed cardomon seeds (1/4 cup) (slightly less if ground cardomon powder)



4 cups sugar + brandy


Mix wines together and ½ of vodka.  Reserve other half of vodka.  Put in raisins and almonds.  Place cloves, cinnamon, cardomon seed (crushed) and orange rind into cheese cloth bag.  Place in to pot with wines.  Heat until hot but do not boil.

Stew hot for 30 minutes.

Burn sugar ½ cup at a time by pouring brandy on the sugar in a metal sieve.  Sieve the sugar into the mixture after it is singed.  Add rest of vodka.

When serving, put raisins and almonds in bottom of small glass and serve hot!


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