Global Warming Hits Oriental !!!

…Or something like that.  Why else would there be a manatee swimming around our boat in the marina this afternoon?  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  At first I thought it might be a dead leatherback turtle or perhaps something more ominous.  But then the barnacled hump moved and I could see that it was alive and I could make out the unmistakable rounded tail of a manatee.  It was a juvenile and not too well-fed from what we could see.  We called the marine mammal rescue people and they had to hand it off to the federal wildlife department who had jurisdiction.  Helen and I felt a lot of compassion for the animal because it’s ridiculously far North and almost certainly won’t survive the winter unless it gets rescued.  We had to travel back to Cary so we left a local Oriental person as a contact for the wildlife folks.  The farthest North we’ve ever heard of a manatee coming is Georgia.  Here are some of the pictures. – Bryce (10/30/2011)


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