My Weekend in the Mountains–Suzy 10/08/11

Mommy and Daddy took me to the mountains this weekend.  I really didn’t know what a mountain was but they said I would have fun.  Thursday afternoon we packed the Suburban just like we usually do when we go to the boat but Mommy said we were driving in the other direction.  I feel asleep in my car seat and all of a sudden we were getting out and my friends Jack and Ginger were greeting me.  We are staying in a “cottage” (house) that has a big front porch where I can run around and chase tennis balls ( one of my favorite activities) and daddy can sleep in the hammock on the front lawn.  A big Golden Retriever named Tarheel came to visit and played ball with me.  He lives down the road. He gave me a rock from the yard-Mommy said that he must really likes me!

This is me before our trip.

Here is the cabin in the woods where we stayed.


Yesterday we went to Blowing Rock and Mommy did some shopping.  I got to ride around in my stroller; Jack and Ginger have strollers too.  Mommy let me try some turtle cheesecake ice cream.  I love ice cream!

Today we went to a festival in Todd on the New River.  There was lots of blue grass music and clogging.  Everyone wanted to talk to me and my friends.  We had lunch at the Grist Mill in Linville and Mommy fed me some of her barbeque.  I like meat! Then we came back to the cottage and my friend Tarheel was waiting for me with two tennis balls.  We got to play ball again for a long time while my parents sat in the sun on the porch.  I really like the mountains!

First we went to a small festival with lots of good smells.

Then we listened to music at the Mast General Store.

Here’s Daddy taking his apples in something called Apple Jack.


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