What’s in a Name? Helen 09/17/11

Serenity; Free Ride; Solitude; Tranquility; Pepper; Stella; Rainy Day; Two of a Kind; Distant Star;  Dragon Lady.  These are all boat names.  I love to go into a marina and look at the names people have given to their vessels.  I try to imagine why their owners have chosen these names.  Sometimes you get a hint from the kind of vessel.  For instance, power boats usually have names that indicate speed, e.g. Reel Fast.  Vessels used primarily for recreational fishing usually alude to catching their prey, e.g. Reel Hunter or Line Dancer.  Sailboats often give the impression that the wind is important, e.g. On the Wings of the Wind or Free Ride.

Then there are those names that take some thinking to discern, e.g. Happily Aft Her.  This makes me wonder if a divorce influenced this name.  Sometimes the  color of the hull gives a clue to the name, e.g. Pepper is a small sailboat with a bright red hull.  And then their are names that make me wonder, e.g. Two of a Kind was an enigma until I saw that the owners had two white dogs aboard.

Now you may be wondering where Dragon Lady came from.  Actually our present boat is our third vessel with the name Dragon Lady. Many years ago in the mid-80’s I headed up a program for multi-handicapped kids at the state school for the blind in Raleigh.  We were always under-funded and under-staffed, as many state agencies are today.  So my job included seeking funding for my program from the politicians at the state level.  I loved giving them a tour of our program and then hitting them up for money.  One day over lunch with a representative from the State House I learned that I was being referred to in the legislature as the “Dragon Lady” at the Governor Morehead School.  When I told Bryce that evening he said he loved the moniker.  Soon afterward we purchased our first sailboat, a 22-foot O’Day.  Wondering what to name her, Bryce said we should call her the Dragon Lady to celebrate my power.  And so each succeding sailboat that we have owned has had the same name.  I love that Bryce is not intimidated by my Dragon Lady qualities, but rather, he celebrates them!


Helen   09/17/11

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