Yesterday mommy had a birthday party for me and invited some of my friends. I really didn’t know what a party was and I got scared. Daddy was blowing up balloons to decorate the boat and one popped right under my nose. That scared me and I wanted to hide, but mommy kept saying I would have fun.

Mommy baked me a yummy birthday cake with shredded carrots and peanutbutter; those are two of my favorite foods.  She also got some strawberry ice cream and berries.  I like those too.

At one o’clock my friends came to our boat.  Jack and Ginger from the boat nextdoor came as well as Sammi and Sophie from down the road.  Mom insisted we all get our pictures taken with party hats on–that part I hated!  I wear clothes every day, but never hats.  I wore my pink party dress and Sophie and Sammi came in their matching valentine heart dresses.

My Friends Sophie & Sammi

My Friend Ginger (She’s sweet but kinda shy)

I’m Sweet On My Boyfriend Jack

Mommy Baked A Cake Just For Me! We All Had A Piece.

Daddy and Uncle Jim got happy after drinking some red stuff.

After our pictures were taken we sat around the table in the salon and our parents ate chips and dip and drank sangria.  We got to nibble on the chips while I opened my gifts.  I got three toy mice, a bouncy ball and a new pink toy box for my boat toys.  Then mom lit the candles on my birthday cake and all the humans sang to me.  I don’t know how to blow out candles so mommy helped me.  I liked this part of my party the best.  The cake, ice cream and berries were yummy.  Finally my friends had to go home.  Now I can’t wait to go to another birthday party!

SUZY-Q     09/05/11

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