Missing Helen – Bryce

What type of captain would leave his first mate to battle a hurricane alone with his best friend and 2.5 pound Yorkie?  Answer:  A deeply ambivalent one.  Here  I sit in a California Hotel while Helen has to rough it out in a concrete bathhouse that she thinks can withstand hurricane winds.  Actually, part of me envies her.  Isn’t that wierd!  I guess it’s a guy thing.  You know- men are from mars and women from venus.  There’s enough of a narcissist left in me that I would much rather be up all night BATTLING THE STORM than hearing about how to treat the traumas behind sexual abuse at this EMDR conference.  However, I would have had to have blown thousands (and my certification) to have skipped the conference altogether.  And Helen and my friend have done magnificantly well in preparing the boat without me.  But I can also hear the stress in her voice and I know that she doesn’t like all this uncertainty and danger dumped on top of her.  I guess I did the most rational thing for the family but I don’t like it.  Helen doesn'[t thrive on the mars thing like us guys.  She’s not a narcissist.  I wish I were there with them right now.


Wistfully – Bryce 08/26/2011

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