Irene Weakens to a Cat. 1 Storm–Helen 08/26/11

It’s 6:00 and Irene has weakened to a category I storm–but don’t get too complacent–that means winds about 90 miles an hour.  So far we have had mainly rain and wind gusts up to 32 mph–not bad, so far!  We had our hurricane response meeting at 5:00 and there are teams of three individuals walking the docks every hour and adjusting lines.  There are about 20 brave souls doing this so they can cover over 200 slips.  All the boats have prepared for the storm and everyone has extra lines to the docks.  Our marina has not lost any boats in the past 20 years.  Let’s hope our luck continues!

Suzy, our little 2 1/2 pound Yorkie, has been very agitated all day.  I think she knows something is up and she is not happy!  Maybe she picks up mom’s anxiety, I don’t know.

I am getting off the boat at 8:00 and going to one of our bathhouses that is built to withstand 125 mph winds.  I will stay there all night until this storm clears out.  They expect the surge to get a couple of feet above the docks–it would not be easy at that point to leave the boat.  I will do everything I can think of to keep the boat safe.  This is our home for 3 days every week.

I plan to take the laptop with me to the bathhouse so I can continue to blog.  When the power goes out (and it will) I will just Tweet.  Hopefully we will have cell phone service.

Helen  at 6:15

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