Go Away Irene! Helen 08/26/11

It’s 3:30.  I have been trying to nap on the boat but I hear noises above in the cockpit.  We tied everything down this morning and removed anything that could blow away.  So what is making this noise every so often just as I drift off to sleep?

It has been raining on and off for the past two hours, but not hard rain–just the gentle, get your deck wet rain.  It is blowing a bit more too, but gusts are about 20-30 knots–nothing to worry about.  I have been onboard here last summer during a tropical storm and the boat did fine with 60-70 mile an hour gusts.

I see Jim, my neighbor and buddy, on his deck tying more lines on around his main sail.  He did not take it down; just wrapped it with lines.  Can’t ever be too careful with sails–they are what can get a sailboat in trouble if they blow out.

So I am just anxiously waiting for the “bad stuff” to hit.  Hard to relax when you anticipate a big hurricane like Irene.  Go away, Irene–you are not welcome here.

Helen   -8/26/11

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