My First Swim Lesson –Suzy-Q 07/30/11

Mom and Dad sailed our boat to Ocracoke yesterday. They kept talking about taking me swimming. I really didn’t know what that meant but I figured I would give it a try. This morning we walked to the Ocracoke Coffee Company so they could get their morning treat–they never let me have any. Then we walked to Springer’s Point, which is a natural area that has trails through the woods to a beach on the sound side of the island. Mom wouldn’t let me walk even though it smelled wonderful–something about mosquitos biting her–so she carried me and ran. When we got to the beach she put me in the sand and let me smell the shells, gull feathers, etc. That was great. I like to dig in the sand. But then she picked me up and soon she and dad were knee-deep in the water. She put me down and told me to swim to dad. I couldn’t touch the bottom with my feet but I did paddle to dad–it was pretty easy. We did this back and forth a few times and then I was pretty tired. Mom took me back to the sand. Now it stuck all over me–Yuck! It was no fun playing in the sand when it gets all over you and doesn’t come off. Mom saw how uncomfortable I was and rinsed me off in the water and carried me back to the main road where dad put me back in my stroller. Mom said I did a great job in the water. So now I know what the word “swim” means!

Suzy-Q 07/30/11

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