Woof—Let me introduce myself.  I’m Suzy-Q, but my mom and dad  usually just call me Suzy.  The vet says I weigh 2 pounds 9 ounces but that doesn’t mean  much to me.  I’m a Yorkie and I have been living with my human parents since I was eight weeks old.  My mom says I’m now ten months old.  Again, none of this makes much  sense to me but mom said you might want to know.

Suzy the Nauti-Girl

I live with mom and dad on our sailboat three days a week—longer if we are on a Love Odyssey cruise.  I like my boat home because we go to new places where I have more things to see and sniff.  All the folks on the cruises like to hold and pet me.

During the other four days a week I live in a house in Cary.  Mom takes me with her to work every day.  It’s fun to see all the kids and their parents.  Mom lets some of the kids play ball with me—chasing a mini tennis ball is my favorite activity.  Of course I also love to play kill the (cat, raccoon, fox) with dad every evening at bedtime.

Mom said that I can write a blog  just like her (and dad).  So I will periodically let you know from my perspective what is going on in our family.  Right now dad is taking a nap so mom and I can get on the laptop.  Dad spends a lot of time on this computer.  I think he likes writing about what happens to people. 

Today is awfully hot outside and mom did not think that I should be running around or walking on the dock.  Dad put tarps up over the boat so the air conditioning would not have to work so hard to keep it cool.  I heard mom and dad talking about going to the pool—unfortunately they won’t let me go.  I really don’t know yet whether I can swim—mom keeps saying we have to go to Cape Lookout soon so I can try out the water.  Maybe we will go next weekend. 

If there are any other dogs out there please feel free to write to me.  Mom and I will be happy to answer.


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