Dragon Boat Races!–Helen 07/23/11

Oriental is a pretty unique town.  Considering there are only 900 full-time residents, this town has lots of festivals and activities.  This weekend was the 2nd annual Dragon Boat races.  Twenty teams compete against each other for the fastest time to race a course on the river.

Now the dragon is the symbol of this town.  The town owns two dragons and they run in various venues throughout the year, especially on New Years Eve.  So it makes sense that any Dragon Boat races should be held here.  The day began with one of the town dragons dancing along the waterfront (see picture below).  This was followed by a parade consisting of the competing teams in their colorful tee-shirts chanting cheers to the delight of the assembled crowd watching.


The dragon boats are long narrow canoes with the head and tail of a dragon.  There is a drummer in the bow who keeps time to help the paddlers stay in unison.  At the stern a team captain steers the vessel with a long rudder.  The races commenced this morning and will continue through late afternoon when the two teams with the best times will face off against each other.  See below for a photo of a dragon boat.


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