Getting More Freedom–Helen 05/22/11

Thursday I regained more freedom. Bryce took me back to the orthopedic surgeon for my post-surgery visit. They cut off my plaster cast, took out 42 stitches–ouch!, x-rayed my foot, and put me into a “boot”. Good-bye crutches and walker and hello freedom. The boot makes me shift my weight to my heel so the front part of my foot does not move and the bones can continue to heal. Wow! We celebrated my new-found freedom by going to the grocery store and then out to lunch. It was wonderful!

This weekend we found out that I can still negotiate the ladder on the transom of the boat so I can board our dinghy as usual. That means that for the long Memorial Day weekend we can take the boat out and anchor somewhere. No, I still can’t get my foot wet, but I really don’t miss swimming in the cold water this time of year. It looks like I may get the boot off around Independence Day–it will certainly be a good way to re-assert my independence!

Helen 05/22/11

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