Getting My Life Back–Helen 05/13/11

I’m not a good patient–I hate having someone wait on me and I have no patience with my body when it cannot do what I want. So the first three days after my surgery when I was on total bedrest was very, very hard for me. Monday night my patience was wearing thin and I admit I was pretty bitchy with Bryce. Poor man, he was doing his best fixing supper and waiting on me. But I had my fill of this “bed rest” and wanted to get up and do for myself. So he got the brunt of my discontent.

By Tuesday morning I decided it was time to gradually reclaim my former life as much as possible. I started by hobbling out to the kitchen to fix my own breakfast. Then I loaded the dishwasher –my way–and proceded to wash a couple of loads of laundry. By noon I was tired and my foot was sore and swelling a bit, but I had a smile on my face and Bryce had a hot lunch fixed by me. That evening I decided to tackle the stairs–on my rump–so I could sleep in my own bed and not the guest room downstairs.   And so the week went as I gradually reclaimed my old life. Wednesday night Bryce hinted that I might be well enough to try the boat this weekend. We had originally planned to stay home another week until I got the cast off and a “boot” on. By Thursday morning I was itching to get down here to the coast even though ambulating around this boat and its many steps presented a big challenge. Well, we got here at 3:00 today and the steps were not that difficult to descend–on my rump. So here I am sitting in the pilothouse with this big grin on my face–I did it!

Helen 05/13/11

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