Writing About Spirituality – Bryce (01/15/2011)

It’s been a good day on the boat.  I’ve just finished writing my 4th chapter for my new book about spirituality beyond religious belief.  My puppy keeps me company while I listen to Pandora tunes and write and polish, polish and write.  Every now and then, Helen and I go out to the local coffee house or go out to talk with other sailors on the docks.  Not bad at all.  In fact, I think this is what it’s about.

If you’re reading in, I have some chapters you might like to read.  I risked alot of exposure but they feel right.  Many of the ideas won’t be found anywhere else so if you’re curious, take a peek.  I would greatly appreciate any feedback that you might have from what you read.  Here are the chapters:


2- Our Quantum Selves

3-Choosing Colors

4-Burning It In

Again, I’d appreciate any feedback.  – Bryce (01/15/2011)

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One Response to Writing About Spirituality – Bryce (01/15/2011)

  1. Kathy Gheen May 24, 2012 at 9:48 pm #

    “…..the slippery slope of Spirituality.” Bryce, this says it all. Many live in fear of delving into the meaning of life, which means going within oneself to figure out what is NOT important and what is of true value to them. Who wants to risk the truth? Often just dipping in a toe of truth can lead to dire consequences..or so it seems. That’s not to say that it isn’t ultimately worth it. But there is pain involved and many simply can’t see past it and see the value of the process or practice. Add one more person to the mix and the process can seem downright terrifying! If we live with another person, then we influence and ad influenced by that person. It gets complicated quickly whether one or both are striving to slide down the slippery slope of internal and external spiritually. I would love to read some of your thoughts about how this might work with a spouse or partner of parent and child. Especially if your inner path is further along or often different. Or perceived to be, which sometimes is the only reality. I am happy to have found your blog and enjoyed reading your draft book chapters. Keep writing,,,

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