Time To Write – Bryce – 11/13/2010

For those of you who have given up on me for any blogs, I know this must be a surprise.  My apologies.  Helen has probably written 10 blogs for every one of mine.  So I thought I would check in and surprise everyone.

If you’ve read Helen’s blogs, you know that we’re all excited about the arrival of our new puppy.  We went through agonizing Hell last week during the final days of our 14 year old Yorkie.  I got to be the one to hold her while we put her down.  It’s always my job which I welcome.  I consider it my last gift to my dogs – sort of a way of saying “Thank You” and expressing my love.  By contrast, this week is now a joy with each new capacity that unfolds with this little creature.  Fifteen minutes ago I went down to see her in the galley of our boat.  She proceeded to seek out “kisses” for the first time with unmistakable affection.

The other piece of news is that I’m re-contracting the itch to write.  This time, the book will be about spirituality from a non-dogmatic perspective.  I’m thinking about titling it “When Love & Anger Got Married:  Spiritual Growth Without Dogma.”  If anybody has any feedback about this title, positive or negative, I would greatly appreciate your comments.  The book will contain a lot of what I’ve learned in helping people to grow their own spirituality and meaning without relying on an external doctrine.  Over the years, I have worked with many people in 12 step programs who want the spirituality but don’t want to have to buy into a preset belief system about God.  I’d like to pass on the many things I’ve learned about how people can develop their own belief systems and, more importantly, their unconscious “felt sense” of their life’s meaning.  It’ll be different than the usual focus on conscious belief.  I’ve just started my first chapter but I think I’ll have enough material for about 15 chaptgers.

The weather is getting cooler now and I look forward to the cozy feeling when I write on the boat while Helen stews some lamb in a crock pot.  I can hear her rustling some pots down in the galley while starting to make dinner.  Friends are coming over tonight from the next boat over.  For now, life is good.

Bryce (11/13/2010)

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One Response to Time To Write – Bryce – 11/13/2010

  1. Becca Rosemann November 27, 2010 at 11:58 am #

    Hello Helen & Bryce,

    I just found your website & blog today.

    First, my condolences for your recent sadness. Funny how things happen, that lady advising you to go find Susie-Q. Last year I lost one of my indoor companion rabbits. Within two weeks some one at my husbands work had found a rabbit in their yard…. .yet again I was being called to rescue another. Sweet Pea is even better (actually wants to be petted) than the one I had just lost.

    I’ve just begun to read your material. Looking forward to learning more about healthy marriage growing.

    To Bryce: I thought I’d send you some well wishes for the book. It sounds very interesting, and useful.

    I think one of the reasons our society is so badly broken, is that the extended family is spread too far apart, geographically as well as intimacy wise. The accrued knowledge, earned by the older members isn’t able to get passed on to the younger ones.

    That’s why it’s important for you to write. That and also that the writing of ones ideas, in effort to explain them to a reader, tends to open a whole new world or maybe a whole new direction of knowledge seeking. ie – it’s good for you.

    I look forward to your future endeavors. Your current idea is very interesting to me.

    Best Wishes,
    Becca Rosemann
    Portland Oregon

    PS – Need more Suzie-Q pics – what a darling!

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