Mitzie’s Gift– Helen–11/08/10

Our little female Yorkie, Mitzie-Sue, has been very sick during this past month. It started with the occasional stumble, then she seemed to fall over but quickly picked herself up. I thought she had a slipped disc in her back and the vet treated her for this. But it just got worse, and a few weeks ago she had a grand mal seizure. After that we noticed trembling at times and vacant stares that suggested petit mal seizures. On top of this she was in acute kidney failure and often would not drink water or eat. I started making her tasty dog food from fresh ground sirloin with shredded carrots and brown rice. She liked my food and could usually be enticed to eat. This past week we saw more and more seizure activity. On Saturday she seemed distant and would not respond to her name or focus when we called her. The seizure meds were not helping. We called our vet on Saturday evening and he said that he was 98% sure that she had a brain tumor. That made sense since she had deteriorated so quickly. Sunday morning Bryce and I made the decision to euthanize her. I could not watch her having any more seizures; it was tearing out my heart and now we knew she would not get better.

Earlier in the day we had taken Mitzie with us to the Bean (local coffee house) and encountered a lady who remarked on how cute Mitzie looked lying under my chair.  I proceeded to tell her about Mitzie’s health and that we would have to euthanize her soon.  The lady looked at me and said, “You need to get another puppy right away.  That is Mitzie’s gift to you.”  As I left, I thought about this.  So yesterday after we had Mitzie euthanized, we went to a local kennel and got a little tiny 8-week old Yorkie puppy who we named Suzie-Q.  I still have a big hole in my heart where Mitzie resided, but it is gradually getting filled with our new baby.

Helen– 11/08/10

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