A Little Surprise–Helen 06/07/10

We were tired Saturday night. We had spent the majority of the day working on the boat in the heat and we were ready to get some sleep.  Just as we settled into bed, my cell phone rang and our son announced that Jennifer had gone into labor and our second grandchild was going to be born very soon. An hour later we got the call that Alec Decker Donaldson had been born at 11:01 pm, about a month early, but weighing a respectable 5 lbs. 11 oz.

Yesterday we hurried to Greensboro to meet the newest addition to our family.  He’s a cute little peanut with a full head of dark hair.  He looks so much like his older brother, Andrew, who just celebrated his fifth birthday on Thursday.  In fact, Sunday we were supposed to celebrate Andrew and my birthdays at my brother and sister-in-laws house.  Andrew was born the day after my 60th birthday and now Alec is born two days after Andrew’s  5th birthday (June 2, 3, and 5).  So next year we will have quite a rousing party!  But this year we took the party to the hospital, birthday cake and all!  What a lovely little surprise!

Helen– 06/07/10

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