My Aching Back–Helen 04/10/10

For the past two day we have been scraping and sanding the bottom of our boat. While engaged in this chore, I seem to be bouyed on by my enthusiasm to get the job done, but as soon as I stop the shoulders and back begin to ache. Same for Bryce although he seems to have more stamina than me. Yes, we are really feeling our ages as we work. I keep wondering if I would hurt as much if I had to do this kind of work every day. I suspect muscles would strengthen with daily use; however, I don’t think I am going to find out in this lifetime.

I have to admit that my compulsive nature helps me to stay on task and get the job done. I even get into the Zen of just scraping and letting my mind rest. This certainly has its pluses. I also enjoy seeing the fruits of my physical labor- I can stand back and see how much I accomplished. This is so different than what I do as a therapist during the week. I may work with a child for several weeks or even months before a real change is noticeable.

Tomorrow we will begin to re-paint our boat’s bottom.  I know I will let the Zen of painting take over and I will periodically stand back and admire our handiwork.  Not until we finish will I feel the aches and pains that my muscles and joints are sending out.


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