Techno-phobia- – Helen

I’m feeling really old and frustrated today. Bryce and I have been spending time today trying to figure out Twitter. Once we got an account, we tried to figure out how to send tweets on our phones. Well, I guess our phones are just too old like us to send tweets–can’t access the net. Oh dear, do we just buy new phones (only a few months old) or do we stay tied to our computers? I guess we’ll need to make that decision soon.

I feel really challenged by technology. Bryce is so much better than me about learning how to do stuff–then he usually shows me (or asks me to read the tutorial and learn myself). I felt pretty good for a few weeks when I taught myself how to text message. My 22-year old daughter couldn’t believe that I was actually able to send texts! Now she sends me texts several times a week–messages that I might not have received had I not learned how to speak her language, like “I love you, mom”. Priceless! So maybe it is worth all the grief of learning how to keep up with technology. Helen 01/02/2010

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