“Life is good”- – Helen

It doesn’t take much to make me happy. We are sitting in the warm and snug pilothouse of our sailboat while she is tied up in the marina on the New Bern waterfront. Today we left our slip in Oriental in dense fog. The weather gods decided to give us a foggy but basically dry day. The weather forecast called for 70% rain, but the rain left by 8:00 and did not return. We checked the weather radar and decided it was our best chance to leave. As soon as we got out of the channel from the marina we were slapped in the face with “pea soup” fog; fog so thick that it was difficult to see anything over 20 feet from the bow. Bryce immediately called for me to turn on the radar, and with the help of the GPS, we were on our way.

It’s a little scary to be out in the open river with blips on the radar but no way to really identify what those blips are. It is even scarier to know that there are marker bouys somewhere in the next 1/4 of a mile and you cannot see them until you are practically on top of them. Deviate even a quarter of a mile and you could be hitting a dock or shoals; even scarier, you could be trying to go under a bridge span that is not high enough to accomodate your 63-foot mast (most bridges have a clearance of 65 feet!). Yes, there were times the adreneline really flowed.

But somehow with the help of modern technology, experience, and sheer guts we made New Bern in four hours–not bad, considering it usually takes us three hours in perfect weather. So here we are, sitting in the pilothouse, warmed by the central heat and perfumed by the meatloaf baking in the oven. We are indeed lucky to be able to lead this lifestyle.

As I write this, I hear some loud “booms” and look out the companionway (back door) to the sight of fireworks over the harbor. It really doesn’t get much better than this. Yes, life is good! Have a Happy New Year!         Helen (12/31/2009)

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