An Early Morning Start – – Bryce

Where to start? Perhaps the answer is right now. I’m sitting in our pilothouse of our boat, listening to some Bill Leslie music from Pandora on my earphones and appreciating our little twinkling Christmas tree in the downstairs salon that I’ll have to take down in a few hours. I woke Helen up once again with my usual 5 O’Clock restlessness. There are two things going through my head. One is that I feel somewhat apprehensive about tomorrow when I have to tell a patient that I think he’s probably lying to me (and to his wife as well). I’m fond of him and it might end the relationship. I don’t look forward to that. But the other thing on my mind is Helen’s brilliant idea of blogging our relationship. She popped it on me two nights ago when we were driving down to the boat in Oriental, NC. I thought what a cool idea! It will give our adventure multiple dimensions. Love odysseys for our couples on the boat but also our own love odyssey while we do this venture together.

Let me get something out in the open so I don’t have to have it gnawing at the back of my mind as a piece of unfinished business. At some point I have to share the essence of my experience in our marriage. It’s not that I love Helen or that I’m “in-love” with her (although I’ve confessed to having grown “in-love”-like passions for her). It’s that I’m in AWE of her! I know that’s a strong word but it’s the word that fits best. And it might not be just about her but also about what I’m able to perceive about her. I see how she’s bold and creative in most of what she does even from our first five minutes when she told me that I really turned her off. I have no doubt that she’ll be revealing many of my peccadillos in this blog, perhaps even some of my major screw-ups. But I think it will be a challenge for us to both grow stronger in the truth-telling. And that’s probably what excited me the most this morning and got me up: The spiritual challenge of this odyssey.

This morning we’re going to go over to The Bean. You’ll probably be hearing a lot about The Bean in this blog. That’s a cozy little coffee house that overlooks the inner harbor of Oriental. Many of our friends gather there to reconnect and swap the latest. Oriental has a population of around 800 so news circulates fast. I also want to get some pictures of us to mount on our blog. Perhaps when you read this the picture will already be there. Bryce (12/27/2009)

For information about Helen and Bryce’s Love Odyssey marriage retreats visit  where the strategy behind these couples retreats  is described in detail.

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